Many advantages on all sides

For IR and AGM service providers, as well as issuers, processes are simplified and shareholder information is transmitted securely and in compliance with the law.

Benefits for the issuers

Access the web platform from anywhere to create orders and download shareholder information. DPAii will do all the work relating to the shareholder identification.

Advantages for IR and HV service providers

The DPAii is the central platform for the transmission of corporate actions. A direct transmission to the Federal Gazette is possible in a short time. The client function offers you a comfortable possibility to manage all your clients simultaneously.


Advantages for issuers

  • Simple

    All parties involved maintain only one time-saving communication channel, the one to the DPAii. Further necessary high investments are not needed anymore.
  • Secure

    Communication along the intermediary chain takes place via SWIFT. This way, security and confidentiality of your data are always guaranteed. The use of SWIFT is established with all intermediaries worldwide and therefore preferred.
  • Immediate

    The DPAii is the central platform for the transmission of corporate actions, especially according to §125 AktG. You can also use the simple and direct transmission to the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) and the Europe-wide distribution. In addition, the entire table 3 is available to you.
  • Structured

    You receive your shareholder information through the DPAii back in a collected, suitably prepared and structured manner. This saves you technical investments and administrative effort.
  • Evaluable

    You receive graphical and statistical evaluations in Excel, XML or PDF formats for the implementation of further measures regarding investor relations (IR).
  • Service-oriented

    The DPAii specialist department supports you in all questions regarding shareholder identification and corporate actions.


Benefits for intermediaries

  • Secure

    All parties involved maintain only one communication channel, which is the DPAii. This saves otherwise
  • Standardised

    The message types of the request for information and the response to be returned are standardised and fulfil the requirements of the Implementing Directive (EU) 2018/1212.
  • Time-saving

    You, as an intermediary, will receive also only one request and send your answers through one single channel of communication. This also saves administrative expense at your end.
  • Confidential

    The shareholder data is gathered by DPAii, processed appropriately for the respective stock corporation, and then returned in a structured format. This saves technology investments and administrative effort for the issuer.



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